Double Barrel Deer Feeders




All our corn feeders are stand-and-fill for easy use. We offer feeders in 350, 500, 750, and 1,000 pound capacities to meet the needs of every outdoorsman! Feeders are fully framed with square tubing and skinned with fully welded 14-gauge steel, much stronger than the 26 gauge HVAC sheet metal that most big box companies use. For varmint protection, we have added two 28” octagonal plates that house the spinner plate. This allows protection from raccoons and other varmints while allowing the corn to still throw up to a 45’ radius! Our control boxes are located at the top of the feeder, no more bending down to change batteries or feed times. Having a problem with aoudad and other exotics banging your feeders around? Add our Aoudad Proofing Kit to your feeder to keep everything protected and cinched down! Feeders include 12-volt solar control unit with “THE Timer”.
Our protein feeders are unique in that they also can be filled from the ground. We also offer a 1,000 lb. combo feeder which can feed 500 pounds of corn and 500 pounds of protein simultaneously.

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850 Lb. Corn Feeder, 1,000 Lb. Protein Feeder, 2,000 Lb. Protein Feeder


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